Lincoln Road Cold Brew Coffee

eat local, drink local, be local

Brewing handcrafted cold brew coffee in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains for you to enjoy however you please.

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Did you know that Hashtag Appalchia does our t-shirt designs among many other things?

Who is #Appalachia?

We are two guys born and raised in the heart of Appalachia (Haysi, VA, and Pikeville, KY). Our families go back generations (Google: Fightin’ Dick Colley - he killed a bear barehanded) calling these hills and mountains home. We went out and traveled the country, traveled the world, and made our way back home. We had ample opportunity to leave this place in the rearview and head to the concrete jungles - we didn’t. And, it feels that we didn’t have a choice because sometimes it feels as if these mountains chose us.

The #Appalachia idea was conceived through “kickin' a lot of tires.” We both wanted to have an Appalachian-grown business. We both desire to encourage others to do the same as we have. We are tired of our region’s story being told from the outside looking in (dang flatlanders!). We want to tell the real story about the place and culture we cherish - #Appalachia. So we said, “hell far, bubby, let’s tell the dang story!”  - in a clever, visual, and more importantly, wearable way.

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