Lincoln Road Cold Brew Coffee

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Brewing handcrafted cold brew coffee in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains for you to enjoy however you please.

Lincoln Road Cold Brew, Enjoyed Hot

Our top priority is making a product that can be enjoyed by all any way you please. Luckily there is a few quick and easy ways to whip up a hot coffee with your Lincoln Road Cold Brew.  

1. Heat on the stovetop

The main concern here is to make sure your coffee does not come to a boil. Your now piping hot coffee is ready to pair with your favorite creamer or sweetener. One sip and you’ll be ready to get a jump on those New Year’s resolutions.

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2. Warm with a teakettle

Possibly the simplest way to heat your cold brew. Be sure coffee does not come to a boil here as well for best taste.

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3. Add hot steamed milk

Works best with cold brew at room temperature. Steam your favorite milk (or non-dairy substitute) in a glass and add the Lincoln Road Cold Brew. If you have the time to spare this method is worth the extra effort.

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Blog post by Blake Salyer