Lincoln Road Cold Brew Coffee

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Brewing handcrafted cold brew coffee in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains for you to enjoy however you please.


Lincoln Road Cold Brew Coffee, LLC is comprised of three Southwest Virginia natives based out of Wise, VA that have a passion for coffee. Coffee is more than just an energizer or a way to start your morning, it's a way to bring people together, chat, network, and tell stories. We hope that you will share your story over a Lincoln Road Cold Brew Coffee today. 

What is Cold Brew Coffee You Ask?
It is the process of steeping coffee grounds in cold water for an extended period of time. 
Don't let this confuse you with iced coffee. Iced coffee is brewed hot coffee poured over ice. 
Ours is steeped for 24 hours and infused with nitrogen to extract a less acidic, rich, bold, bitter-less and flavor-filled coffee.

How do you drink it?

Heat it, mix it, pour over ice, or drink it straight up. Our product is made for you to enjoy however you wish. Visit our recipe page to find ways to get creative with Lincoln Road!

Does your cold brew contain sugar, preservatives or dairy products? 
The only ingredients we use in our cold brew is coffee and water. There are no chemical preservatives, sugars or dairy products in our cold brew. If you like your coffee with dairy and sugar, make a latte with it! If you're vegan, it goes great with Almond or Soy Milk!

Do we have a coffee shop?
We are currently in the process of our first physical retail location in downtown Norton, VA! Hoping to open by the end of June 2018

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Who are the owners?
Lincoln Road is a private and family owned business owned by Ryan Jones, Sarah Lawson and Brett Lawson. Ryan and Sarah are siblings that grew up in Haysi, Va and Brett, from Wise, Va, was lucky enough to marry Sarah. 

Where can I find it?
Visit our distribution page to find a store near you that carries Lincoln Road.